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Tour big cities and see the most magnificent sceneries of Germany’s northeastern area.
This tour will take you to historic cities like Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck and Dresden.
The highlight will propably be your stay in Berlin, Germany’s famous capital, with the Brandenburg gate and the Berlin wall memorial.
The world famous Sanssouci Castle will be an eye- catcher as well.
Afterwards you will visit the oldtown of Dresden, its historic Semperoper operahouse and the Zwinger palace.

! For this tour, we do not have a day by day itinerary. The offers in all mentioned
! cities are very versatile; your tour itinerary will be made according to your personal wishes:
! history, castles, churches, museum, art, living, nature…
! Please contact us, to get your personal itinerary.

Day one -
Day three
Pick up service from Berlin Airport.
You stay in Germany’s capital for 3 days. Feel the combination of history and modern living in this beautiful city.
Visit Sanssouci Castle, one of Germany’s most famous attraction.
Other great suggestions to go to : Brandenburg Gate, Pergamonmuseum: collection of Greek and Roman antiquities, the Berlin Zoo- one of the world’s most beautiful zoological garden, the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection, the ancient Egyptian collections rank among the most beautiful in the World. Visit the Berlin wall memorial, there is so much to see in Berlin!

3 nights in Berlin area

Day four –
Day seven

Your tour will lead you through the scenic landscape of Saxony.
Visit Dresden, located on the Elbe River, it is an industrial, governmental, and cultural center, known worldwide for the Bruehl's Terrace and its historic landmarks in the Old Town.
The Semper opera building with its great architecture and the Zwinger palace, an Old Masters Gallery - Art gallery, is worth a walk.
Day tours thru Swiss saxony will take you to castles with charming gardens, like Schloss Moritzburg and Schloss Pillnitz.

3 nights in Dresden area

Day eight –
Day ten

Crossing north-eastern of Germany, your tour will take you to the fabulous city of Hamburg, the second-largest in Germany (second to Berlin) and the seventh-largest city in the European Union. The port of Hamburg is the third-largest port in Europe (third to Port of Antwerp and Rotterdam), and the ninth largest in the world.
Join a harbor tour to get unique impressions of this metropolis.

Make a stop in the city of Lubeck, which is very famous for its excellent marzipan industry. There are also a number of historical churches, town gates and a huge cathedral to look at.

A daytrip to nice little fishermen villages at the beach of the Batlic Sea should be part of your tour in anyways.
After 10 days of sightseeing through big cities with history and culture, travelling through pure nature to majestic castles, your tour ends at Berlin International Airport.






Prices per person and in US $ No airfare included!

(will vary according the sights/ interests you choose in your booking enquiry)
Please contact us for suggestions.

Lot’s of entrance fees already included, the tour price starts at :

The all inclusive tour:

6 passengers $ 2450
Single room add $ 500 per person
4 passengers $ 2700
Single room add $ 500 per person
2 passengers $ 3900
Single room add $ 500 per person




>>> Larger groups on request !

Tourprice includes: personal driver, transportation, all entrance fees, taxes and tolls, accommodation expenses (based on two people sharing one room) , breakfast.

There is always free bottled water in the tour car available!