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Governmental authorizations

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   § LEGAL §
Viatorius Tours is an independent tour provider, specialized in customized and private performed tours through our beautiful homeland, Germany.
We are very proud to provide our governmental credentials:

Viatorius Tours is incorporated at the Common register portal of the German federal states 
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Viatorius Tours is legalized by notarial certification #1371M/2010. Notary's office G. Malchus, Speyer, Germany. Phone 1149 6232 619-0
Viatorius Tours is incorporated with the "German chamber of Industry and Commerce" Ludwigshafen Germany (BjKf5904-2031)

Viatorius Tours is listed at the County Courthouse with the  “German Company Registry“ (Reg.–Number: HRB 62123) and notified by the “German Tax Authority” (Tax-Number: 41/652/05046). 

Our International- Taxnumber is: DE272146711

Viatorius Tours is registered at the governmental business registration at the City of Speyer, Germany; #2010 400 GewA1

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**private chauffeured tours of Germany & Europe since 2010**